There is no doubt about it – moving can be daunting, stressful and the least to say a Moving Tips - Charleston Moverschallenge.  BUT, by planning early and planning well you can eliminate these three less than desirable emotions.  There will be hurdles but with the following tips that we here at Azalea Moving And Storage have put together for you, you can make sure you are prepared to clear them.

Moving Notebook/Folder-  Keep a notebook that tracks everything.  We are talking all notes, phone numbers, receipts, everything.  It will not only help you before and during the move but after as well.  Make sure your notebook has a folder in it as well as a calendar. Survival Box – Pack all of your essentials absolutely last.  Things like toothbrush, pjs, pillows etc. These are things you are going to need the night and morning before you move so make sure not to pack them away in an unreachable place!  Also have this box packed last by your Charleston residential movers.  This will ensure it is first unpacked so you can have your essentials right away in your new home.  Note: You want to make sure this box stands out from the rest.  Stickers, color etc. Label, Color Code Boxes – BE ORGANIZED with your labeling and color coding (another thing to log in your moving notebook).  But you want to make sure you know what colors mean what.  Have your boxes stand out by using colors and LARGE labels.  You want to label by room then items so your movers can easily bring the boxes to each room. Also make sure your labels are legible and large and visible. Rooms- Label and color code each room with the correlating box color/label so it’s easy for your moving professionals to see where they need to take the box immediately helping speed up the process.

As professional Charleston movers we are happy to present you with these tips… and remember leave the big items to the professionals!  Call us today for your FREE in home estimate!