Moving is rough enough on kids, but moving in the middle of the school year can be extremely difficult.

While moving over winter break is not ideal, it is not always possible to avoid.  Sometimes you have to make the best of a difficult situation. When it comes to moving, we have a lot of experience. After thirty years of moving experience we have learned a few tips and tricks to help with the transition.

  • Communicate with Teachers- Start the conversation with you child/children’s new teachers. They can help you prepare your child by making sure they are up to date with their curriculum and they can make them feel welcome in the new school.
  • Communicate with Children- Walk your child through the process and help them understand the situation. It might be difficult for them to process the transition so they may act out or become more reserved.  Help them through the transition and try to get them to open up about their feelings.
  • Keep in Touch- It may be hard to keep in touch if you have moved miles away, but it will help your children to know that they still have their old friends. Try to set up video chats and if possible, go back to visit.

Moving is a challenge for everyone in the family. Even though it can be extremely difficult for children, it is possible to manage the situation so it isn’t as stressful.  With the right planning and moving team, you are able to have a much more enjoyable transition.

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