Moving your family is stressful.

It may be challenging the move your entire family, but it can be especially challenging to move your furry family members. Most of your family members will understand the transition, but your furry friends cannot. 

Charleston movers, Azalea Moving & Storage, have been moving families across the country for years.  They have picked up a few tips for moving pets over the years. Here are some ways you can ease the transition for them:

  • Pack Slowly- Animals can pick up on change so too much change too quickly can stress them out.  Pack slowly to help prevent them from getting overwhelmed and stressed out.
  • Keep Essentials with You- When you are packing, be sure to set aside their favorite toys, food, and any medications. You will want those in the car with you instead of packed away in boxes.
  • Keep Them Safe- On moving day, be sure you keep your animals safe.  Give them their own room with some water and toys and shut the door.  Make sure your movers and helpers know to not open the door so they don’t get out.  This will keep them safe and out of the way.
  • Give Them Their Space- Once you get to your new home, set up a space for them.  Keep them in that space and slowly introduce them to the other areas of the house.  This will help minimize stress and help them adapt easier.

Moving pets can be rough for you and for them.  If you follow these tips and continue to spoil them, they will adapt in no time!

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