Whether you are moving to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina from a neighboring state or are moving locally, you will find very few more pleasant locales for history and nature than Mt. Pleasant. Mt. Pleasant is located just outside the historically rich Charleston, which was a key city during the Revolutionary War (the entry point to the British Southern strategy) and a major commerce port during the Civil War era and the fledgling Confederacy.

With those two events, as well as Mt. Pleasant being near several waterways and Charleston Bay, moving into Mt. Pleasant can be a wonderful learning experience about American history and its success in naval activity and trade.

When you’re ready to get started on your residential or commercial move to Mt. Pleasant, count on Azalea Moving Company to get you there quickly and conveniently. Once you’re settled in, be sure to check out Azalea Moving Company’s list of top Mt. Pleasant attractions:

  • Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum – If you want wartime history, this is your ticket. Three U.S. ships, including the Yorktown and Laffey, are here, as well as a Medal of Honor Museum and the Vietnam Experience exhibit, along with various military aircraft and naval vessels. Including a submarine!
  • Boone Hall Plantation – Still a working farm today, this very large property gives tours and descriptions of slave life in the South before the Civil War. Slave quarters are still here, and the guided tour gives some interesting facts about an important part of U.S. history and the vibrant commerce and economy of the South.
  • Charles Pinckney National Historic Site – Charles Pinckney was an important member of our country’s founding, and he came from this site. The house on the site is not the original, but it is made to be a replica of his home in the 18 century, before he became a prominent part of the Constitutional Convention.
  • Mount Pleasant Pier – If you are considering a move to Mt. Pleasant and have a chance to check out one thing, check out the sunsets and the view of the Arthur Ravenal Bridge from this pier. You can easily see into the City of Charleston across the river, and the views are by all accounts breathtaking. There is a sandwich shop, a bait shop for fishermen and even swings to sit in and enjoy the sunsets. A short walk from many prominent hotels in the downtown area.

No matter what the size or scope of the move you’re planning to Mt. Pleasant, count on the pros at Azalea Moving! We’ll take care of the heavy lifting so you can spend more time getting a feel for the vibrant and rich history of the South. When you are ready to start your own move process, contact Azalea Moving Company or fill out our quick quote form—we can make your move to Mt. Pleasant professional, efficient and smooth!