As quality Charleston movers, the staff at Azalea Moving will always be professional and courteous, regardless of what challenges you face on the big day. However, there are some often unspoken rules to relocation that you may wish to make note of to help make the process smoother.

1) Pack properly and pack ahead. This means that all of your packing should be done long before the truck arrives and boxes shouldn’t be over-packed.

2) Keep important items with you. Valuable things like jewelry and important things like medications should always be kept in your possession, not loaded into the truck.

3) Label everything. Be sure to mark your fragile items as such, and also make note of which room each box should be put in at your new place.

4) Find out if there are any parking restrictions. If you’re moving to Charleston, your new apartment may have specific guidelines the movers must follow. Find out in advance if there are any rules they need to follow.

5) Stay close, but not too close. You’ve hired a team of experts with the training and experience to get the job done right. They may need to ask you questions from time to time, so it’s important to stay on site, but you should also give them the space they need to work.

6) Remember that tipping is customary. Most people give each member of the team at least $25, but if your crew navigated a lot of stairs of went above and beyond in some other way, as much as $50 could be appropriate.

With the right preparation, a little faith, you can relax on moving day and let the professionals handle the logistics of your move.  With over 30 years of experience, we have the expertise and equipment necessary to make it a smooth and successful transition.

If you’d like assistance with your relocation, the experts at Azalea Moving would love to help. Use the form for a free quote or call us today.