Moving in North Charleston in the summer time can often seem like a crazy suggestion. With the high heat and humidity, it can be the last thing that families and companies want to do, yet the summer months are often the time of year that most people choose to relocate. 

Azalea Moving & Storage takes summer moving stress and concerns off your plate and as a North Charleston Moving company knows the tips and tricks to making your summer move as stress-free as possible.

Plan Ahead

This goes without saying, but planning ahead for a summer move is one of the best things you can do if a summer move is unavoidable. For your residential or commercial move, seek to find and schedule a moving company at least 6 weeks in advance to make sure that there is availability and that the move can work around your schedule. Since summer is the busiest time to move, it’s essential to get ahead of the crowd and reserve early so that you can take that stress immediately off your plate.

Schedule Accordingly

The weekends of summer are the most popular days to move. Because you are planning ahead, see if it is at all possible to schedule your move during a weekday rather than a weekend. Also, try to avoid moving during the middle of the month and avoid holidays such as Memorial Day Weekend, the 4 of July, and Labor Day Weekend.

Items in Moving Trucks

Some items should not be included in the moving truck but should be kept cool throughout the move. Items like candles, leather furniture, and electronics should be kept with you rather than put into a sweltering moving trucks, resulting in the items being damaged or melting and ruining other items. Plan ahead for meals and food during your move as well. Whether you are moving locally or long distance, having a plan in place makes the entire process easier.

When it comes time to find the North Charleston moving company that works for you, trust Azalea Moving to complete the move efficiently, simply, and cost effectively. Moving in the summer can be easier than ever with a trained, professional moving crew and a firm plan in place. Contact Azalea today to complete a free quote and get started on your move!