Your family is moving to Charleston.  Congratulations! Now you need to find the right Charleston moving company who understands your needs. Azalea moving company will take the stress out of moving your belongings and allow you to focus on what’s really important, your family.

As you begin to prepare your family for moving, remember the move can be challenging on little ones; they often don’t understand what’s going on. Turn the chaos of moving into playtime to help in the process. Here are 7 ways to turn the task of moving into family fun!

While Packing

1.  Use the Boxes for Family Fun

Break up the packing by playing games on the sides of the boxes. Win, lose or draw, Pictionary, and TIC TAC TOE are perfect for some family fun.

2.  Make a Welcome Card

If your kids are having a hard time saying goodbye to their old home, have them create a welcome card for the new owners. They can draw their favorite memories and say goodbye.

On the Road

3.  Family Road Mix

Get your family grooving on the open road with a custom playlist. Let each person choose songs for the journey and turn the car ride into a rock concert.

4.  Theme Hours

If you have a long road trip ahead, plan a few different theme hours. One hour could be pirate hour, where everyone has to talk like a pirate. Or another could be reading hour, where everyone reads their favorite books.

While Unpacking

5.  Individual “Tent” Campout

After you’ve arrived, unpack a few of the larger boxes and turn them into individual “tents” by folding them in half and making an A-frame. Decorate the sides and have a family campout.

6.  Create a Treasure Hunt

To bring some fun into unpacking, create a treasure hunt by making a map to boxes filled with toys.

7.  Lemonade Stand

Help your kids meet the new neighbors by turning some of the boxes into a lemonade stand.

When it comes to finding a moving company that lets you focus on your family’s move, trust Azalea Moving and Storage. Contact Azalea today for a free quote and turn your move into a fun, family experience!