Moving when expecting

Congratulations on your expanding family! If welcoming a new baby into your family includes moving to a larger home, you might wonder when it’s best to move. As experienced Beaufort movers, Azalea Moving & Storage can safely say there isn’t a single answer; ultimately you do what’s best for your family. We can’t give a definitive answer, but our Beaufort residential movers offer the following considerations to help you decide when to move.

Pros to Moving Pre-Baby

●  You Don’t Have to Worry About Postnatal Recovery:  You may recover almost immediately, but you may also experience discomfort for days, weeks or even months after birth.

●  You Can Move More Quickly:  Moving involves more than packing boxes; it’s attending open houses and frequent meetings with your realtor and banks. Scheduling all of these with while caring for a newborn can be a major headache.

●  It May be Better for Baby:  Newborns are sensitive to changes in environment, and if you move pre-baby, you won’t have to worry about upsetting your newborn and interfering with sleep patterns. Additionally, without the activities of moving, you will have more time to bond with your newborn.

Pros to Moving Post-Baby

●  Unpredictable Pregnancy:  Pregnancy is notoriously unpredictable, and if you suddenly find yourself experiencing extreme back pain or requiring bedrest, moving plans may have to be altered.

●  Make More Friends as a Mom:  One of the anxieties of moving is leaving your loved ones behind. Many communities offer tons of opportunities for new mothers - like music groups or book clubs - to connect, making it easier to make new friends.

●  Experience Makes You Wiser:  Whether you’re a first time parent or you’ve been through this before, adjusting to life with a newborn often involves a learning curve. Spending some time with your family at its new size may help you determine what you really do and don’t need both in terms of the house you buy and the items you plan on putting in it.

Whether you move before baby or after, choosing the right Beaufort household moving company will make your experience significantly less stressful. For more tips and information regarding your relocation, contact the experts at Azalea Moving & Storage today!