James Island Mover

You’re moving to a new place – Congratulations! You are probably in the midst of packing and organizing for your James Island movers. But as you begin to prepare for your move, don’t forget about the needs of your leafy friends. Here is a quick how-to guide for safely transitioning your plants to their new space. 

Four Weeks Before Your Move: Hire a moving company that will relocate your plants

Not all James Island moving companies will relocate plants when moving your belongings. At the inquiry stage, make sure you ask if your leafy friends will be able to be moved by the company. 

Three Weeks Before Your Move: Put plants in unbreakable containers

You don’t want your fragile planters to be broken in the moving process. By transplanting your plants, you can have the delicate pots properly wrapped to avoid breakage

Two Weeks Before Your Move: Prune the plants 

While you may be hesitant to trim back your big, beautiful plant, it is easier and safer to transport a smaller plant. 

One Week Before Your Move: Ensure plants are healthy to move

If your plant is not healthy before the move, it will likely not transition to the new location well. If your plant is sick, treat it appropriately to increase the likeliness that the plant will thrive at your new home. 

48 Hours Before Your Move: Water the plants 

Make sure you water the plants at least two days in advance to avoid excess water in the container when trying to move. 

24 Hours Before Your Move: Wrap plants in tissue paper for protection

It is best to move plants in less extreme weather conditions but since you cannot predict the weather for your scheduled moving day, wrap them in tissue paper to protect the plants from the elements. 

Day of Move: Load plants last on moving truck

Avoid letting your plants sit in the back of the moving truck for too long. Putting them on the truck last ensures they are the first things off. 

After the Move: Let the plants transition to their new location before re-planting

It is best to let the plants get acclimated to their new home before your re-plant. Once your plants look healthy and strong after the move, you can relocate them back into their original planters. 

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