Moving with children

Moving is often stressful for every family member, but it can be particularly upsetting for children. When kids are thrown into new surroundings with little familiarity for them to grab onto, they can feel isolated, lonely, and frustrated. As the premier John’s Island household movers, we’ve seen it all! Here are our favorite residential moving tips for keeping your kids happy and calm during this major transitional period.

Let Them Play Decorator

Giving your kids something to get excited about is a great way to help alleviate some of the anxiety that comes with moving, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to let them get involved in decorating their new space. Whether it’s creating artwork for living room walls, choosing their room’s paint color, or letting them select a new desk, allowing them to have some control over their new space can be a great way to ease stress.

Keep in Touch With Old Friends...

One of the biggest fears kids have when moving is losing touch with their closest friends. Fortunately, technology makes it easier than ever to stay in touch from a distance. Video calls, emails, or letters via snail mail are all great ways to help your kids remain in contact with their old friends.

...And Make New Friends

While your child is sure to make new friends at school, getting them involved in an extracurricular activity can speed up the process. Team sports are a great option because they facilitate communication and shared experiences, giving kids an easy opportunity to bond. If your kids aren’t into organized sports, activities like band or art classes can help in the same way.

Make it an Adventure

Kids love a good adventure, so play up this aspect of the moving process. Do some research and locate kid-friendly attractions and events along your route. Whether it’s a toy store in your new town, a fun movie theater, or a nearby museum, let your kids get out and explore their new surroundings.

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