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Between the packing, organizing, and coordinating of logistics, residential moving can be quite stressful. One way to reduce that stress is to ensure you are only packing and moving items you really want at your new location. Reducing the number of items you relocate to your new Mt. Pleasant home not only will save you time but also money in reduced moving expenses.

According to real estate experts, paring down before your big move helps you prepare for a fresh start at your new location. While the simple way to purge is to just get rid of the things you don’t like any more, experts suggest a more strategic approach for reducing items. Below are the top five items professional organizers recommend you pitch.

1.  Old Towels and Linens- Overtime, towels lose their comfy feel and absorbency with washes. And fitted sheets lose their elasticity for the same reason. If you have old towels and sheets lying around, pitch them and start fresh with new ones at your new home. 

2.  Unworn Clothes- Taking the time to go through your clothes and donating unwanted items will not only save you time when packing up your bedroom but also help you organize your closet at your new house.

3.  Duplicates and Souvenirs- Without fail, clutter tends to gather in unexpected places in our homes. As you pack, gather duplicate items and souvenirs together. Then go through the pile, keeping only the nicest duplicate and the souvenirs you cannot live without. This will help you avoid cluttering your new space.

4.  Paperwork- According to the government, you must keep certain types of paperwork for the IRS for between 3 and 7 years. If your saved paperwork dates back farther than this, shred it and then pitch it.

5.  Cords and Cables- As you organize your belongings, if you come upon cords or cables that you cannot find the device for, save them in a small pile. Then once all of your items are packed, if you still cannot find the owner of the cord or cable, pitch them.

Reducing the number of items you are relocating is one great way to reduce the stress of moving. Another great way is to hire trusted Mt. Pleasant movers. A professional moving company can handle your packing, unpacking, and logistics needs while you focus on transitioning your family to your new home.

The experts at Azalea Moving have been helping Mt. Pleasant residents relocate to their new homes since 1982. Our professional household movers have the skills and expertise to handle your residential move with ease and efficiency. To learn more about our comprehensive Mt. Pleasant moving services, give us a call or complete the online request form for a free, no-obligation price estimate.