James Island Movers

No matter how long you’ve lived in your James Island home, you’ve probably accumulated more stuff than planned, which can create quite the headache when moving day comes. But there’s no need to stress—just take advantage of a few easy tricks to pack your common household items!


Kitchenware can be among the heaviest, most awkwardly shaped, and most fragile items in any house. Here are some ways to protect these pieces during your move:

  • Plates/Bowls: The best way to pack plates is to individually wrap them with bubble wrap or other padding and then stack them sideways into a box.
  • Cups/Glasses: Pick up some pre-divided boxes at your local supply store or check to see if local liquor/grocery stores are giving them away for free.

And you don’t have to spend a ton on wrapping materials, either! Instead, cushion your kitchenware with towels, bed linens, or even pillows.


Few things are as frustrating as having to untangle a giant mess of cords, especially when you’ve just finished moving. Make your unpacking easier by purchasing cheap cord organizers—or go DIY and use old bread tabs or zip ties to secure cords into manageable bundles.


Although there are many ways to move clothing, here are two recommended strategies:

  • Dressers: Instead of moving your furniture empty, leave your clothes in drawers and then wrap the entire piece with industrial-grade plastic wrap. (Keep in mind that a full dresser will be heavy and may be best left to professional James Island movers.)
  • Hangers: Instead of taking the time to pack your clothes, try leaving them on the hangers! Just be sure to enclose them in a garbage or dry cleaning bag to protect them.


Just like cords, jewelry can also become easily tangled in the process of moving. If you don’t have a fancy jewelry box on hand, grab some spare toilet paper rolls or drinking straws instead! Thread each bracelet or necklace chain through a roll or straw, fasten it closed, and then place these pieces together in a box labeled “jewelry.”