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For those families fortunate enough to have a say in when their relocation will occur, most tend to avoid moving in the winter. And this choice makes a lot of sense!

Even in the most seasonable climates, winter tends to be a little too cold for comfort. Kids have relatively little time off from school, and older ones often face the added pressure of midterms. And perhaps even more significantly, the traveling and gift-giving of the holiday season can take a toll on your wallet and schedule.

Despite these very real concerns, moving in the winter isn’t all bad. In fact, there are several reasons you might just want to re-consider a wintertime relocation.

1. You can save money on local movers.

Given the opportunity, most households opt to move during the summer months, leaving many moving companies with fairly open schedules past August and September. In the face of lower demand, you can usually find some very attractive seasonal specials—letting you get all the amenities and services you want for a fraction of the price.

2. You’ll enjoy more flexibility.

No matter how well you’ve planned for your upcoming move, something will probably go wrong at some point in the process. And whether it ends up being a tiny hiccup or a major disaster, winter turns out to be a great time for things to go wrong.

Because it’s the off-season for both real estate and moving companies, it’s typically easier to find last-minute help or make urgent schedule changes than it would be during the jam-packed summer.

3. You can move with less traffic.

Especially for condos, dense neighborhoods, and urban apartments, the physical act of moving your belongings can be a real challenge. If several households are moving at once, you’ll inevitably find yourself bumping into others or waiting on the service elevator.

By moving in the winter, you’ll typically confront fewer obstacles along the way. As long as you avoid the major winter holidays, you’ll face lighter traffic/parking conditions and almost no move-in competition.

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