Relocating your business and employees is not an easy task, and you should consider some important factors before embarking on the relocation. You need to ask yourself: which state am I relocating to, are my employees relocating with me, which of Charleston commercial movers will be the best to hire for the relocation?

Many business owners relocate their businesses and employees to reduce the burden of business tax. If this is why you want to relocate your business and employees, you need to know the best states you can relocate to in order to enjoy little to no business tax. The three states you should consider are:

  • Nevada
  • Florida
  • North Carolina

Moving Your Business to Lower Your Income Taxes

Moving your business to any of these three states will have a positive impact on the progress of your business. All three states are tax-friendly. Nevada does not have state corporate tax, and you are excluded from paying the modified business tax rate (MBT) of 1.17% if your business taxable wage is less than $65,000. In Florida, LLCs, sole proprietorship, and S corporations do not pay income tax, and North Carolina offers a reduced tax rate to all businesses. This move by the North Carolina government has helped improve her economy. To learn more about business taxes in these states, check Tax Foundation.

Moving Your Business to Retain/Attract Employees

All three states have favorable weather conditions. They are sunny and warm for a larger part of the year. In each of these states, there is easy access to many great and fun outdoor recreational activities such as fishing, cycling, paddle boarding, and many others. When you engage in any of these activities after relocating, you can meet and attract new employees to your business. Also, these fun-filled activities will serve as a great source of motivation to the employees you are retaining from Charleston.

Azalea Moving & Storage Business Moving Services

When you want to move, calling for the services of reliable Charleston business movers at Azalea Moving & Storage is an excellent decision. Our business movers are skilled and well-trained to move large or small businesses from Charleston. Azalea Moving & Storage is the company you can bank on among all commercial movers for a top-notch, no-hassle relocation.

We cover the entire Charleston metro area, providing residents with excellent commercial and residential relocation services. In addition to these, we perform warehousing, distribution, and logistics functions. Since 1982, our movers have provided top-level commercial relocation services to business owners across Charleston. We are known for excellent office moving services, so you can rest assured that your relocation is in the hands of capable Charleston office movers. With us, you can enjoy:

  • Move Management
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Office Furniture Moving
  • Office Electronics Moving
  • Fine Art/Sculpture Moving
  • Labeling and Coding Items
  • Modular Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly

Azalea Moving & Storage Employee Relocation Services

You can trust us to give your employees amazing moving experiences. As an Allied Van Lines agent, Azalea Moving & Storage offers customized employee relocation services, and our relocation experts will carefully plan and carry out your employees’ moves according to their specifications. Some of the many quality services we offer our clients include:

  • Packing Supplies
  • Short-Term Storage
  • Packing/Wrapping of Furniture
  • Custom Crating of Fragile Items

At Azalea Moving & Storage, we understand that relocating is not always easy, and that’s why we excellent moving support and resources from start to finish. You can depend on us for seamless, cost-effective relocation services for your business and employees. Call us today to learn more about our excellent moving services or fill our online form to get started with a free moving quote.