There are so many challenges involved in a successful relocation. And planning your long-distance relocation can become more stressful than the relocation itself, especially if you have no idea how to transport your precious collectible items. You’re probably afraid that your grandmother’s fine china, your luxury handbags, vintage collections, and so on could get damaged, cracked, or chipped during a long-distance relocation. Well, you don’t need to fret about it; you’re just one of many residential movers in Charleston with these fears, and this article by our experienced Charleston long-distance movers will provide all the tips you need to move your collectible items safely.

Use Proper Packing Supplies for Smaller Items

When packing your smaller collectible items like small vases, dolls, or figurines, you want to choose the right type of packing supplies that can provide your collectible items with extra protection during the move. Some good supplies for packing smaller items are packing peanuts, bubble rolls, acid-free packing paper, and dish pack cartons. When picking your cardboard box supplies, you also want to go for corrugated cardboard boxes instead of the popular paper board cardboards. To avoid unnecessary jostling, you can use bubble roll to pad your boxed collections.

Also, you need to be careful with your taping supplies. Avoid allowing your tape to touch sensitive parts or surfaces of your collectibles when you’re wrapping them. You can also consider using the professional packing and unpacking services of reputable Charleston long-distance movers like Azalea Moving & Storage.

Use Moving Blankets and Crating for Larger Items

When packing your larger collectible items, you can get wood crating created to fit your collectible items. You would be better off asking your chosen professional moving company to arrange for wood crating to be custom-created rather than building the wood crating yourself, especially if you’re not familiar with it. Professional residential movers in Charleston also use moving blankets to provide an additional outer layer of padding for your collectible items during transportation.

Protection Planning

By default, most moving companies provide free basic valuation coverage, also known as a Released Value Protection. With free basic valuation coverage, you will receive reimbursement or compensation based on the weight of your item rather than its replacement value. Without a doubt, the weight of many light collectible items is not equivalent to its value.

However, if you would want full replacement value coverage for your items, you would need to specifically ask your chosen moving provider about the available full value protection options. Another way to protect your valuable and smaller items such as your card collections, coins, stamps, and jewelry is to transport them yourself or use specialty insured shipping services.

Warehouse Storage

If your new home is not yet ready, you may want to consider storing your household items in a secure warehouse facility. You’d be better off storing your property with a tried-and-trusted professional moving company that offers short- and long-term storage services. You also want to choose a company that can provide you with enclosed wood vaults and storage units with climate control capabilities, depending on your collectible items’ features.

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