Moving requires a lot of heavy lifting. For some, it’s a good opportunity to call in favors and for others, it’s well worth hiring a reputable moving and storage company to handle the specifics. Naturally, some things are easier to move than others. If it is relatively sturdy, has a simple geometric shape, or fits in a box—it’s not too difficult to figure out. But what about oversized items? The things that don’t fit in a box or that are unusually dainty for their size?

Many homeowners have flat-screen TVs, sculptures, artwork, and ornate mirrors that require special handling during a move. For help with the not-so-simple moving tasks, we asked Charleston, SC long-distance movers for some advice, here is what they had to say:

How to Move Large-Screen TVs

The classic home theater experience has found its way into millions of homes across the US. That means that every move today includes at least one of these somewhat delicate and oversized pieces of technology. The commonality is a good thing. It means that most household moving companies have specialized packing solutions like flat-screen TV boxes that you can purchase for safe protection during transportation. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Use Original Manufacturer Packaging (or Appropriate Replacement Box)
  • Protect the Corners with Extra Padding
  • Cover Screen to Protect Against Scratches
  • Travel Upright at All Times

How to Move Sculptures, Statues, and Large-Format Artwork

Fine art seems to be the sort of thing that gets some collectors in a tizzy. After all, it’s often far more valuable and irreplaceable than most common household goods. Residential movers in Charleston, SC recommend that you invest in custom crating solutions to limit contact with other items during transportation. A simple plywood construction stuffed with moving blankets as packing material is typically sufficient.

  • Check your Valuation Coverage Limits
  • Consider Separate Transportation
  • Document Inventory and Take Pictures

How to Move Large Mirrors

Similar to flat-screen TVs, cover the glass with soft, scratch-resistant sheeting. Add foam corners around ornate details and edging. And consider custom crating for oversized items. The goal when moving a large mirror is to prevent contact with other items during transportation. This is how you limit the risk of broken glass or chipped veneer.

Getting Help from Qualified Professionals

The good news is that you don’t have to figure it all out. An experienced moving company like Azalea Moving & Storage does this sort of thing every day. Established in 1982, our quality moving company has been serving the Charleston metro area with full-serving packing, moving, and storage options. If needed, we can provide secure, climate-controlled warehousing for short or long-term storage. Call today to learn more about our tailored moving services.