A move can leave footprints in your home, but you and the home movers you hire can take some viable steps to protect your home from potential damage. Areas like your door posts, lawn, and floors need cover from persistent foot traffic, large items, and much more. Here are some tips to help during your home relocation.

Protecting Your Lawn

Your lawn is the first access point a moving crew has to your home because they will likely use the same pathway from your home to the moving truck. If some landscaping items are in this pathway and you’re worried about them getting damaged, make your concerns clear to the movers. This will help them take extra precautions around these items.

You can remove movable items like statues and bird feeders and if your lawn is wet from a recent weather event, consider laying plywood or particleboard to cover the grass. The boards will minimize damage from the high foot traffic that will occur during the moving process.

Protecting Your Floors

You’ll have some people walking in and out of your home many times on moving day. As a result, there’s a high chance of bringing outside dirt into your home. You can deal with that by having all carpeted areas in your home protected with plastic wraps. Also, top household moving companies take this precaution immediately after they enter your home on moving day. They may also lay particleboards across some spaces to protect carpeted areas from the effects of dollies and hand trucks.

Protection for Windows and Wall Decors

If you have items hanging on your walls, you might have issues maintaining a clear line of sight while moving large, bulky items like furniture. If you don’t want the residential movers to accidentally swipe and damage your curtains and wall decor in high-traffic areas, remove them before the heavy lifting starts.

Protecting Doorways & Stairwell Banisters

Permanent wood fixtures in your home can get accidentally scratched or dented by bulky items. Cover such items with towels or heavy blankets during the move. Professional residential moving companies have more than enough padded moving blankets in their truck to wrap sensitive wood areas for added protection.

Protecting Against Spills

In many cases, spills are common. That’s why all liquids and powders should be properly sealed before the move so that nothing extra spills on your walls and floors. Dispose of liquids and powders you no longer need before moving day. If you want to be nice to the movers and give them something to drink, bottled water is an excellent choice. Accidentally spilled water is easy to clean.

If you have concerns about your door surfaces getting scratched by furniture, take them out from their hinges before moving.

Protecting Your Garage Floor

It’s normal for many homes to have all kinds of liquids and organic items in the garage. Items like oil and soil are used for vehicle and lawn care, respectively. Dispose of them before moving day to protect against any spillage. Moreover, many long-distance movers won’t move such items.

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