The unexpected can happen no matter how carefully you plan for your residential move. While you can’t have a contingency plan for every possible situation, there are some unforeseen things that professional movers see pop up more frequently than others.

Consider the list below and think about how you may be able to plan for the unexpected!

Unexpected Delays

Even the most reliable residential movers can’t control everything. Accidents, unexpected road closures, and illnesses are some circumstances that are impossible to predict that can cause delays. The possibility of such delays is why we recommend packing a bag of essentials for each family member. Extra clothing, medications, toiletries, and comfort items for the little ones are some things that should be included. Having items on hand for a week gives you a cushion that will help to keep you comfortable if there is a delay.

Unexpected Damage

Things are things, but some mean much more to you than others. If there is an item that, if damaged, would break your heart, take extra steps to protect it. Custom crating, careful wrapping, and other packing techniques help to protect your fragile, delicate items. Even with the best packing, damage is possible, so take advantage of valuation coverage protection, which will compensate you if a loss occurs.

Unexpected Costs

One of the best ways to minimize the chance of unexpected costs is to get a written moving quote from a trusted residential moving company. While hiring trusted movers means you can count on their estimate being accurate, unexpected costs could still arise. Examples include fuel costs when driving your own vehicle, a breakdown of your personal vehicle along the way, or airfare that is higher than you expected. Make sure you have some money in your moving budget to cover unplanned expenses.

Unexpected Emergencies

When driving to your new home, unexpected emergencies can happen. From accidents to dead batteries to more costly breakdowns, there are steps you can take ahead of time to ensure you’re ready. Invest in AA, make sure you’re able to charge your phone (including bringing a battery power pack, so you don’t need the car to charge the phone), and download maps, so you’ll be able to access them even without phone access. Also, pack an emergency road kit that includes items such as flares, fix-a-flat, water, and snacks.

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